Setting a new course and a change of company name

For around 10 years, the high level of confidence that you, our customers, have placed in us has been based on continuity, sustainability and a reliable partnership. These long-standing partnerships are founded on high quality and reliable maintenance solutions. Our company’s mission has always been to optimise the maintenance of our customers’ separation and filtration equipment. To continue to achieve our company mission, whilst fulfilling our customers’ expectations and demands, the management of Separator Spares International BV has decided to change the company name.

Introducing Tullp:

The name used to date has referred to separators and this no longer reflects the current scope of business activities. By re­branding and changing our company name, we position our company as an independent Dutch brand, which also gives us the opportunity to implement commercial thoughts and ideas we have had over recent years. This also enables us to focus on the production and distribution of Tullp branded spare parts. lt gives me great pleasure to announce that, as from 01/01/2017, our new company name will be Tullp BV. Referencing the Dutch tulip, our company is synonymous with outstanding Dutch quality, good solid Dutch mentality and high service levels.

We’re ambitious.

We continually strive to optimise our product portfolio and to work in a transparent, constructive and loyal manner. Please be assured that we will maintain the highest quality standards for our products and services and that we will continue to meet your global requirements, as we have done in previous years. We are grateful for your support throughout the years and we look forward to continuing our close and prosperous cooperation.

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