TULLP Max-assist

Internship at TULLP

My name is Bob and I want to share my story of my internship at TULLP.

In my second year of becoming a technician engineer at the Radius college in Breda, I started an internship at TULLP BV. While working and learning all ins and outs of separators first hand, I was really surprised that my internship was very practical. A lot of attention was paid transferring knowledge and I was allowed to help with machine overhauling from the start.

During my internship I was invited to go on board and visit a number of vessels. This again was a great experience for me. I gained a lot of knowledge about working on separators and what is going on in a engine room.

I had the pleasure of doing two yearly internships at TULLP during my four years in school. The final year I had to work independently on a skid. A skid is a complete machine (separator, pump, sludge tank and measuring / control equipment). This went very well and if I had any questions during that time I could always ask our internship supervisor. My supervisor also helped out if any assigment from school was unclear and also helped with an assigment for a point during my exams.

Towards the end of my last internship I was asked if I wanted to join the TULLP team and keep working. This was, and still is a great oppurtunity that I seized with both hands.

I would really recommend TULLP as a company for all who attend the technical engineering.