TULLP Max-assist

TULLP Second life parts

At TULLP we strongly believe in a sustainable future. We are always looking for new ways to lower our ecological footprint as a company and doing our part to achieve a greener and more responsible working environment.

With this in mind we have created a new spare part segment called  “TULLP second life parts”. This segment contains used parts that we have repaired and verified to comply with the high quality standard we have at TULLP.

All TULLP Second Life parts are fully checked, tested and are shipped with a certificate. They have the same warranty as new parts at a reduced price.

You can recognize these parts by our green TULLP logo.

TULLP Second life parts specifications:

High TULLP quality

Fully checked and tested

Available items ready for shipment within 3 working days

The availability of the second life parts may vary, please contact TULLP for availability.


Combining our second life parts with the best possible service by our TULLPassist programme.

Ready to use pre-programmed reconditioned control units and circuit boards on exchange base

Ready to use tested reconditioned bowls and complete machines on exchange base

Onboard service and repairs

Training and workshops (on and off site)