TULLP Max-assist

Engineering Dutch Quality

Reversed engineering is the foundation and strength of our company.

Reducing your operational costs should not compromise the quality of your vessels. Our goal is to set new standards in terms of quality and durability to help you achieve optimal efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of your separation and filtration equipment.

TULLP maintains a fully integrated supply chain, which is completely in-house. We control the entire process of designing spare parts, in-house production and quality control and we therefore have full traceability from raw materials to end product. Our research and development department creates its own technical documentation using the most precise measuring equipment to define the material, dimensions and measurements of every single item.

With our corporate movie we give in insight in the development and production processes we maintain, as well as a part of the MaxAssist service we offer. Click on the reverse engineering logo to view

By adapting to state-of-the-art technology, innovative and automated high-speed manufacturing systems, we can produce high-quality alternative replacement spare parts. TULLP’s quality control department carefully checks and extensively tests all spare parts in original equipment for fitting and operation.

Tullp spare parts guarantee trouble-free operation and have similar or even better lifecycles than original spare parts.