TULLP Max-assist

Control units

We offer a wide variety of ready to use pre-programmed reconditioned control units and circuit boards on exchange base.

Combining these second life parts with the best possible service by our MaxAssist Programme.

Many units we have on stock and ready for shipment within 3 working days.

Our scope of supply includes:

Alfa Laval
• EPC 30 / MARST / EPC 41 / EPC 400
• EPC 50 I/O and OP / EPC 60 / WT 200 / MT 50
• Heater / Vibration / I/O expansion boards
• MIB EMMIE Freq. converter 230V
• Salinometer DS20
• Viscosity sensor EVT-10C / EVT-20 / VCU-160

GEA Westfalia
• VESB / PLC 100/3 / PLC 100/4 / VESC
• C7 / C7-623 / D10 / C7-613 / E40 / D20
• IO4 conversion set (C7 and D10)

Please check with our office for availability.

We can also repair any GEA Westfalia or Alfa Laval control unit based on no-cure-no-pay base.
Please send your request to our office and we’ll quote a.s.a.p.

Please see here a small grasp from our extensive stock:

IO4 Conversion set – D10 upgrade

Secondlife D10 control – repaired and tested – Can be as a upgrade for C7 as well

Secondlife E40

Secondlife D20

Secondlife C7

Secondlife EPC 50 IO PCB

Secondlife EPC 50 OP Panel

Secondlife EPC 50 OP PCB

Secondlife EPC 50 MT 50 PCB

Secondlife EPC 50 HEAT PCB

Secondlife Visco chief sensor – calibrated for use 0-50cSt