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Should you have any questions or if you are interested in how TULLP can reduce your operational costs whilst increasing running hours, please contact us at Our dedicated sales team will be happy to answer any questions.


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Joost Blom

Patty de Jong

Carmen Dijkmans

Linda van Son

Jeroen Vriezekolk

Jeroen Bink

Robert van Ballegooijen


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Jolanda Zijlmans

Nico van Gurp

Sjoerd Kivits


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Sjors Vollering

Mike Matondo

Izat Tayr Alhazin

Frank van Empel

Patrick van Wingerden

Jan Mulkens

Ed Emmen

Hans Hool


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Caran van der Kaaden

Theo Deuling

Rene den Hartog

Managing director

Sven Reimus


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We’re always looking
for excellent teamplayers

We are always looking for special talent to strengthen our team. So please feel free to drop us your resume, maybe you’ll become a member of the separation & filtration team!

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